Paducah Stitch 'n Quilt Guild

This year our Christmas Luncheon will be something very different from what we have done in the past regarding the meal.  I know I passed around a sign up sheet at the October meeting but nix that.  Our lunch will now be catered by the personal chef who prepared the meals at the retreat. We all loved his food/presentation and personality.  So instead each of us bringing a dish, bring $5 to help pay for your lunch and the guild will pick up the balance.
We will also have 2 activities that you can participate in if you wish or not.  Make a homemade pincushion, put it into a brown paper lunch bag taped or stapled shut.  They will all get put into a basket and you will get to pick a bag out of the basket and go home with a lovely homemade pincushion! 
We will also be doing the reduce, re-use, recycle Christmas gift exchange again.  Wrap up something quilting or sewing related that you bought and have never used and never will; something someone gave you and you will never use.  This can fabric, fat quarters, charm packs, books patterns, rotary cutters, rulers, etc.  We will exchange in dirty santa fashion, number 1 gets to pick, #2 can take #1 or pick new etc. 
With all this being said, I will need a final head count by December 1  so so Alex can order food.  Also  if any of you are friends with Jeanette Bone, Beverly Clark, Vanessa Collins, Peggy Dew, Celine Dickson, Irene Reising, Regina Stubblefield,  will you contact them to see if they are planning to attend and fill them in on what to bring.  They do not have emails.  I will have all of this info in the newsletter/website in case you forget. I know we have some new members that I may not have emails for - Carol Sexton is one.  Please pass this info on to whomever you know of that isn't on my list.  Also I will still need help the day of, those who signed up to help set up are Charlene Cool, Ulla Schierhorn and Carol Sexton.  Those who offered to help clean up are Dewey Burger, Cheryl Jackson, Diana Schroder, Charlene Cool and Ulla.  That's it for now, Happy Thanksgiving!!! 

Liz Kohler, Chairperson Holiday Luncheon

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